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What is Ozone Therapy?


Ozone therapy is the use of ozone gas for therapeutic purposes. Ozone therapy, which has been used since World War II, first entered the field of medicine as a result of the discovery of its surprising healing properties after being applied to diabetic feet, burns and non-healing wounds. There are ways to use it by injection, orally, through the intestine or through a bag.

Our body experiences thousands of metabolic events during the day. In addition to the produced nutrients, useful elements and energy, wastes are also formed. While these wastes accumulated in our body can be easily removed from the body through sweat, urine and feces at early ages, it may not be easy to excrete these wastes in advanced ages.

On top of that, the toxins formed in our body gradually increase with cigarettes, drugs, treatments, radiation, sun rays, bad foods and environmental factors, and our body turns into a swamp, so to speak. All medical systems developed in the world focus on "how to remove toxins from the body". Some try to detox the toxin pool in the body with herbal cures, some with food, and some with mud baths. Here, ozone therapy is also a detox method.

So What Happens When Toxin Accumulates? The energy flow in our body is blocked. If we start from the brain, fatigue, weakness, restlessness and depressive symptoms occur. Due to the esophagus, problems such as eating disorders, digestive disorders such as stomach ulcers and gastritis, laziness and defecation disorders in the intestines, eczema on the skin, dry skin and skin aging, and calcification in the joints occur. If this energy distribution is repaired, a significant improvement can be achieved in all these problems. This is where ozone therapy comes into play.


In Which Diseases Is Ozone Therapy Applied?


What patients are most curious about is the answer to the question of what ozone therapy does. Ozone raises your immune system. Thus, it assumes a very important auxiliary treatment role in immune-based diseases of the body.

Increases performance. It relieves fatigue, tiredness, insomnia and restlessness of the body. It has very beneficial effects in diabetic patients. It opens the blockages in the capillaries; corrects circulatory disorders.

Ozone therapy is successfully applied in waist and neck hernia, sportsman injuries, cancer, muscle joint and rheumatism problems, virus diseases, skin, eye, intestinal diseases, neurological diseases, skin care and many other areas.

  • Wound treatment: Treatment of open bedsores, ulcers of the lower leg, non-healing wounds of diabetics and infectious wounds such as gangrene are among the classical application areas of ozone.

  • Circulatory disorders: Ozone therapy has been used successfully for 40 years in the treatment of circulatory disorders. This success has been proven by numerous medical studies. Ozone therapy can be used in combination with or as a supplement to conventional therapy.

  • Physical and mental fatigue (Anti-aging): Ozone therapy responds very well to stress, intense work tempo, mental and physical fatigue. Ozone increases physical endurance. People feel renewed.

  • Cancer: Ozone is a good complementary therapy in cancer. It destroys the growth and nutrition environment of cancer cells. It strengthens the immune system. It increases the body's ability to fight cancer. It increases the effectiveness of chemotherapy by reducing the side effects of chemotherapy (especially nausea, vomiting, nerve numbness).

  • Waist and neck hernia: Mild waist and neck hernias can be healed with ozone injection treatment.

  • Pain treatment: Ozone therapy can provide significant benefits when used as an adjunctive treatment method for pain caused by diseases such as hernia, sports injuries, arthritis, migraine, cancer, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer's.

  • Eye diseases: Age-related circulatory disorders also affect the eye with atrophic and degenerative changes. Studies have shown improvements in vision within 6-8 months after ozone autohemotransfusion. Visual performance has improved or proven to stop worsening with continued treatment.

  • Weakening: It is not possible to lose weight with ozone therapy alone. All patients who are considering losing weight with ozone should know this. With ozone therapy, ozone sauna and blood ozonation methods, it provides both the elimination of edema, the regeneration of the body by removing toxins and the acceleration of metabolism.

  • Skin care: Ozone contributes to the protection and restoration of the natural beauty of the skin. With the advancing age, the skin gets old, cannot renew itself and wrinkles occur. It is recommended to apply local and systemic ozone methods together for skin rejuvenation.

  • Virus diseases: Ozone; It helps to remove the virus from the body in diseases such as AIDS, shingles and herpes. Both types of herpes are caused by viruses. It can be treated quite successfully by combining ozone with other medical methods.

  • Intestinal diseases: Ozone therapy has proven to be very useful in inflammatory bowel diseases, especially in the early period. In many cases, 10 consecutive sessions of ozone are sufficient.

  • Liver inflammation (Hepatitis A, B, C): Ozone is considered among the classical treatments in the treatment of inflammation of the liver. With ozone therapy, hepatitis a can be completely healed without any problems.

  • Joint diseases, arthritis, rheumatism: Medical ozone applications give positive results in the first and second stages of inflammatory joint diseases. It can be used for complementary purposes in the treatment of arthritic/rheumatic conditions by combining ozone and physical therapy applications.


How Is Ozone Therapy Done?


Ozone therapy has several different application methods. One of them is the bagging method. In people with diseases such as wounds, fungus or eczema, bags filled with ozone gas are wrapped around the problem area. The other method is to apply an injection to the painful area. This method is used in painful diseases such as herniated disc, neck hernia, sports injury or tennis elbow. In viral diseases, circulatory system disorders and strengthening the immune system, ozone is administered intravenously.

By taking blood from the person's body, that blood is ozonated in a vacuum bottle and given back to the body to restore it. Another method is to apply ozone in the form of a steam bath by giving it to the body in a cabin.


Benefits of Ozone Therapy


Ozone therapy is used in the treatment of many diseases. However, it should be noted that; Ozone is a complementary therapy method. The possibilities of ozone therapy are used in many areas such as non-healing wounds, fungus, eczema, liver diseases, back and neck hernia pain, sports injuries, skin regeneration, circulatory disorders, immune system, physical regeneration, joint diseases, intestinal problems, cancer.


The Harms of Ozone Therapy


Even a drug used has some side effects, as well as ozone therapy, which has been used for years and used in the treatment of many diseases, may also have some harmful effects. For example, inhalation of ozone gas can cause damage to the lungs. Therefore, it must be applied consciously by a specialist physician.

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