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Glutathione Therapy

Glutathione molecule, with its antiaging feature, is a peptide consisting of three amino acids that contains the secrets of healthy and long life.

What is Glutathione Therapy?

Glutathione is a very powerful antioxidant that helps protect the body by neutralizing free radicals and reactive toxic substances that harm the human body. It is the most important molecule among the molecules that ensure being healthy and protecting the body from many diseases. 
It is the most important factor that prevents the harm caused by the use of cigarettes and alcohol, which cause serious and long-term harm to the body. 
The effect of free radicals is quite high in the formation of chronic diseases such as vascular diseases, cancer and dementia, as well as health problems that occur due to aging. On the other hand, with glutathione treatment, the risk of developing the mentioned chronic diseases is reduced.
In addition to protecting the body from many harmful factors, it protects individuals against the harmful effects of free oxygen radicals accumulating in the tissues, thanks to its strong detox effect. It protects and strengthens the immune system.

What Does Glutathione Therapy Do?

Glutathione, which is also expressed as the mother of antioxidant, is constantly present in the body. Supplementation in case of low presence in the body greatly increases the body's resistance to diseases. 
The most effective way to increase glutathione for active use is, of course, intravenous administration via IV. When IV glutathione intake is supplemented externally, it directly enters the blood circulation and protects the body against free radicals, as well as supports and controls the protection of cells.

So What Are the Benefits of Glutathione Therapy?

● It strengthens the immune system. 
● It protects the body from harmful free radicals and provides a great support to the body's defense mechanism. 
● Increase body energy and temperature. 
● It increases muscle performance. 
● It reduces the effects of pain in the joints and muscles. 
● It provides regeneration of the skin. 
● It gives shine to the skin. 
● It has anti-aging effect. 
● It reduces the harmful effects of type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance. 
● Facilitates the treatment of fatty liver. 
● It prevents the harms of health problems caused by smoking and alcohol. 
● Provides mental focus.
● Increases regular and adequate sleep quality. 
● It makes the skin white and brighter. 
● By playing an active role in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, it helps to minimize the effects of the disease.

How Is Glutathione Treatment Done and How Long Does It Take?

We have mentioned above that the most effective way to increase glutathione and to use it actively is to take it intravenously via IV. This method, which is used in glutathione supplementation, is a fast and effective method that is now widely used all over the world. 
The estimated process of the glutathione treatment process is; 
Each cure lasts for 5 weeks, 1 day a week, and reinforcement is provided. And each 1 session is a 15-minute application. As a result of the procedure, the patient does not need to be hospitalized. The patient can return to his daily life after the application. Of course, depending on the patient's request and the doctor's recommendation, 2 cures a year are also applied.

Who Cannot Use Glutathione Therapy?

● It is not applied because there are not enough studies on pregnant women, nursing mothers and children. 
● Patients who continue to receive cancer treatment cannot receive glutathione treatment during the periods they receive active chemotherapy and radiotherapy. However, after the patient's treatment is over, glutathione supplementation is very important and applicable in order for the body to recover

Are There Any Side Effects of Glutathione Treatment?

Glutathione therapy, which is actively used all over the world and is used to minimize the damage caused by free radicals in the body or to reduce the effects of possible diseases, has no known side effects. As we mentioned above, since it is a component found in the body under normal conditions and the treatment is on increasing the density of this component, no side effects are observed. 
There are no expected risks or complications after the glutathione treatment procedure.

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